First Forty

Solution Nation conducts rigorous research in composing its list of Israel’s First Forty Companies. Nominations are solicited from thousands of venture capitalists, private equity investors, investment bankers, money managers, transactional lawyers, intellectual property lawyers, investors relations professionals, company executives,  accountants, technology transfer professionals and more. Both from within Israel and from outside of Israel.

Over a five-month period, we consider these nominations in terms of the following issues:

  • Stature and relevance of the person that made the nomination
  • Size of the addressable market and intensity of the competition for market share
  • Background and success of the management team
  • Evidence of traction
  • Quality of board, advisors, investors, partners and customers
  • Uniqueness of the product offering
  • Use of intellectual property to protect the uniqueness of the offerings
  • Capital adequacy to achieve goals
  • Soundness of business plan
  • Stage of development – The company should have completed at least an A round, or be close to doing so
  • Other issues at the discretion of the Solution Nation analysts