Private Companies


GynTools provides GYNI, excellent AI point of care diagnostic tool for vaginitis.
Most women suffer from vaginitis at least once in their lifetime; however 50% of first clinic visits end with misdiagnosis,

Driven by the belief that women’s diagnosis should be faster, more accurate, and accessible to all, we developed Gyni , a platform that redefines the diagnosis of vaginitis.

We started commercializing Gyni in Europe & Israel.

Future Meat

The first cultivated meat company to break the commercial viability cost barrier.

Future Meat produces cultivated chicken, lamb, beef, and pork with numerous environmental, health, and ethical benefits and will radically transform the global production of meat. The company created lines of animal cells that grow forever without genetic modifications, removing the need to harvest animals.


Guesty automates and streamlines every aspect of rental businesses.

Guesty’s property management software provides property managers and management companies with an end-to-end solution to simplify the complex operational needs of short-term rentals. With Guesty, users can manage listings from multiple online travel agencies including Airbnb,, Agoda and TripAdvisor.


BeeHero maximizes crop yields through precision pollination.

With global operations, BeeHero manages the largest database of bees and pollination. By tracking and optimizing pollination in real-time, BeeHero ensures hyper-efficient pollinators that can increase crop yields by 30% on average. Beehero’s platform already enables commercial growers to optimize crop-yield for 70% of major commercial crops.


The world leader in smart glass technologies.

Gauzy is a world leading vendor of material science and nanotechnology, focused on the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of technologies which are embedded into and onto raw materials. Among Gauzy’s core areas of expertise are LC and SPD, which are used to produce LCG® (Light Control Glass).

City Transformer

Produces miniature vehicles that offer 75% space and weight savings.

City Transformer is built on top of a patented highly share and autonomous ready modular platform that provides outstanding freedom of cabin design for multiple bespoke applications and flexible engagement models.


Captures vital signs and core biometrics data completely contact-free.

EarlySense utilizes a contact-free, under-the-mattress sensor to continuously and passively collect patient biometrics.


SeeTree offers complete transparency into the health and production of individual trees.

SeeTree provides an end-to-end Intelligence Network providing visibility, monitoring, and actionable analytics to optimize farming. SeeTree uses the power of machine-learning algorithms to get smarter, and offer the most precise window into the strength of customer’s trees.


A global leader that has revolutionized dairy farm technology and herd management.

Afimilk has led the dairy farm technology industry with several ground-breaking developments, including the first use of conductivity for mastitis detection, the first commercial heat detection pedometer and the first dairy herd management system.


Provides innovative delivery and fulfillment.

Assists retailers and logistics companies scale up and optimize their customer experiences and logistics operations.

Memic Innovative Surgery

Transforming surgery with its proprietary surgical robotic technology.

Memic’s surgical platform features miniature, humanoid-shaped robotic arms with human dexterity, superhuman flexibility, and 360˚ articulation. This system is expected to be sold at relatively low price points.

Quantum Machines

Quantum Machines is positioning itself to revolutionize entire industries.

Quantum Machines powers quantum breakthroughs and accelerates the path towards the new age of quantum computing.


The first Sensing as a Service company.

Wiliot’s cloud platform connects the digital and physical worlds using its IoT Pixel tagging technology – computers the size of a postage stamp – that power themselves in revolutionary ways. Management’s vision is to expand the Internet of things to include trillions of everyday products, adding connected intelligence to everything from plastic crates, to pharmaceuticals, packaging, clothes, and so much more.


Equinom uses AI to speed the development of superior, high-yield, non-GMO ingredients.

Equinom is a fully integrated food-tech company, combining agricultural know-how, culinary expertise and deep technology to develop delicious, nutritious, affordable and sustainable non-GMO plant-based ingredients. Equinom crops are bred naturally, without genetic editing or modification, and are optimized to make meat and dairy analogs more delicious, nutritious, cost-effective and sustainable.


Provides a simulation platform to help make self-driving vehicles a reality.

Cognata provides testing and evaluation solution for self-driving vehicles—a realistic automotive simulation platform where virtual cars travel virtual roads in virtual cities, all remarkably true to real-world conditions. Cognata brings the disruptive power of artificial intelligence and computer vision to the ADAS and autonomous driving simulation world and shaves years off the verification and validation process.


A noise management solutions provider.

Silentium’s patented Active Acoustic Technologies and algorithms control personal sound spaces and eliminate unwanted sounds in everything from cars to commercial goods. The company’s mission is to reduce the adverse effects of sounds on health, safety and privacy and to make it possible for each and every one to design their own acoustic experience.

Powermat Technologies

A leader in wireless charging.

Provides proprietary advanced wireless charging platforms for IoT, telecommunications (5G), automotive, robotics, consumer electronics, medical devices, and industrial applications. World market leaders are already leveraging Powermat’s technology, and its solutions are found in over 800 million smartphones, 40 million embedded accessories and 8 million cars worldwide.


Phytech helps growers optimize their production by connecting them with their plants.

Phytech is helping growers in their day-to-day farming decisions impacting both the quality and yield of their crops, while reducing water usage. The company’s advanced solutions use state-of-the-art sensors, wireless communication, and innovative software for collecting and analyzing data.

Turns smartphone cameras into medical devices. transforms the smartphone camera into a medical device to deliver healthcare. The company’s home urinalysis and digitized wound care services enable providers and healthcare systems to create meaningful interactions with their patients and close gaps in access and care, while increasing patient satisfaction.


Enables the commercial deployment of all autonomous vehicles.

Ottopia offers the only mass-deployed remote assistance system. Using Ottopia’s software, remote humans can solve any challenge that autonomy alone cannot. With customers like Motional, who operates the most established robotaxi fleet, and investors like Hyundai, Ottopia is proud to be the global leader of remote vehicle assistance and serve the biggest OEMs in multiple industries.


Bookaway is making booking ground transportation effortless.

Bookaway renders finding, comparing, and booking ground transportation tickets a breeze. Bookaway’s registered travelers provide reviews, accurate information, and 24/7 support.


Edgybees provides accurate geo-registration and augmented reality of aerial video in real time.

Edgybees’ Visual Intelligence Platform, a software-only solution based on Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies, delivers highly accurate geo-mapping and tagging of aerial video in real time. This unique approach allows for rapid decision-making by visually augmenting roads, key landmarks and other mission-critical data on top of live video feeds.


A leading manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras for ADAS.

ADASKY’s compact, hi-resolution, thermal camera is designed for affordability and seamless integration. Its cutting-edge A.I. for complete road awareness enhances AEB functionality and enables autonomous driving capabilities in all weather conditions.


Flytrex is building the world’s first drone based delivery service.

In August 2017 Flytrex launched the world’s first fully operational, regulatory approved, on-demand drone delivery service in Reykjavik, Iceland, and became the leading competitor in the race to deploy a true on-demand delivery service via autonomous vehicles.

Greeneye Technology

Greeneye’s AI enables farmers to save up to 90% on pesticides.

Greeneye utilizes artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to revolutionize the pest control process in agriculture, transitioning from the current practice of broadcast and wasteful spraying of pesticides to precise spraying in real-time.


A global leader in cardiovascular disease.

CathWorks is a medical technology company focused on applying its advanced computational science platform to optimize Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) therapy decisions and elevate coronary angiography from visual assessment to an objective FFR-based decision-making tool for physicians.


Percepto is the leading drone-based autonomous inspection and monitoring solution provider.

Percepto’s AIM platform fully automates visual data workflows from capture to insight, leveraging the Percepto Air drone-in-a-box portfolio, alongside other robots and visual sensors. Using advanced machine-learning and AI, Percepto AIM provides an end-to-end autonomous inspection and monitoring solution, to assess risk, minimize downtime, drive efficiency, increase safety and reduce operational costs.


Spike supercharges email.

Spike provides powerful tools like Priority Inbox, a Super Search to find everything, mass delete and archive, instant unsubscribe, send later, snooze and reminders, keyboard shortcuts and more. Spike offers a simple user interface and sleek design.


Autofleet enables fleet managers to leverage underutilized vehicles.

Autofleet’s Vehicle as a Service platform helps fleets of any type (car rental/leasing companies, car sharing operators, public transportation operators, taxi fleets, micromobility platforms, OEMs, etc.) to eliminate manual decision making and operations, reduce downtime, and maximize utilization through demand prediction, optimized allocation of vehicles, automated matching and route optimization, and automated servicing.

Ibex Medical Analytics

Pioneering AI-based cancer diagnostics in pathology.

Ibex uses artificial intelligence (AI) to develop clinical-grade algorithms and digital workflows that detect cancer as accurately as a human pathologist.


Optibus brings AI to public transportation.

Optibus leverages a robust combination of artificial intelligence, advanced optimization algorithms and distributed cloud computing to make public transit smarter, better and more efficient.