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Unique Insights into Publicly-Traded Israeli Companies

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Milk is crucial for the development of human bodies but cows are harmful to the environment. Dairy farmers must make money but the milk production business is extremely challenging. There is an inverse relationship between a cow’s fatigue and the quantities of milk she produces. The more milk she produces, the more difficulty she has getting pregnant. Cows are fairly fragile creatures; stress them too much and their deterioration is usually irreversible. So, how can more milk be profitably produced without harming the herd or contributing to global warming?

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We consistently apply passion and commitment to help improve the health of patients. Our culture is about not only what we do, but how we do it.

One Nation is Disproportionately Responding to the World’s Most Intractable Problems

The Israeli companies featured in Solution Nation are:

Rendering embryo transference in cows more productive in India and are boosting milk yields the world over

Turning municipal waste into composite materials and converting cardboard into wheelchairs

Transforming carbon dioxide into electricity and are generating water from the air

Vanquishing influenza and are ridding the steel making process of hydrochloric acid

Drying corn for African subsistence farmers and are filtering water for drip irrigation

Screening for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease via phone app and are halting the spread of hospital-borne diseases;

Separating hydrogen from water to create energy and are mating mosquitoes to eradicate deadly diseases

Removing mercury from the air and are making algae-derived fuels economically feasible

Detecting heart failure with see-through-walls technology and are diagnosing cervical cancer with smartphones

Monitoring as many as twenty biomedical markers without contacting the patient and are discerning a host of disease markers by instantly scanning feces in toilets;

Pinpointing water leaks in the streets beneath our feet and are harnessing energy created by ocean waves;

Capturing solar power for African hut-dwellers and are eliminating the liquidation of billions of male baby chicks;

Reproducing prawns and are growing grasshopper farms for the benefit of the protein-deprived;

Recycling water in aquaculture and are monitoring water quality with captive energy;

Improving circulation in human legs and are deploying surgical robots to swim inside human blood vessels;

Protecting children against bullies and are alleviating isolation experienced by the elderly;

Accelerating dental implantations and are healing pressure wounds;

Purifying polluted water in remote locations and are eradicating lice from girls’ hair;

Boosting the bioavailability of calcium and are diminishing carbon dioxide emitted by airplanes;

Blocking texting while driving and are facilitating telemedicine

Surveilling the streets and are virus proofing autonomous vehicles

Preventing accidents at construction sites and are taking to the skies to protect premises

Repurposing dialyzers into water decontamination devices and are producing feeding tubes for those too sick to eat

Protecting first responders who rush into radiological danger and are providing safer means for civilians to escape burning buildings

Reducing the incidence of amputations and are increasing the ability of locked-in patients to communicate

Zipping people with special needs around Southeast Asia and are zapping fruit flies that destroy Indian crops;

Igniting phytoremediation and are extinguishing forest fires

Assisting the elderly maintain balance and are enabling the paralyzed to stand and move about.