Challenges for Air Taxis

The following are among the challenges that air taxis (or eVTOLs, eletric vehicles takeoff and landing) need to resolve for that industry to become viable:

– They need to site, permit and construct a sufficient number of places for their vehicles to land and take off. These landing spots must be in places where significant noise is tolerated. The structures must be strong enough to support the weight of eVTOLs and be able to accommodate massive bursts of electricity for charging the vehicles. The costs to retrofit will be enormous. To keep the lines to these landing spots clear, the erecting of further structures would be severely limited, which would be politically unpalatable.

– FAA certification is mind-bogglingly expensive.

– The public is concerned about many cars flying above their homes.

– Efforts are needed to integrate eVTOLs into the existing air traffic control system.