Ronald Weissman
Angel Capital Association

The Risks of Angel Investing

Angel investing isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when valuations are at nosebleed levels. Before you delve into any specific opportunity, you may wish to take the pulse of the market into account. You may also want to consider issues such as:

  • What is different about Generation Z angel investors?
  • What is the impact on angel investors of venture capitalists becoming increasingly involved in seed round investing?
  • How can early-stage companies take defensive postures by being receptive to extension rounds, venture debt and warrants?
  • What are the risks associated with Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs)?
  • Why should investors be concerned about possible cramdowns and carve-outs?
  • What can early-stage companies offer angel investors/groups to accelerate their decision making?
  • What is the likelihood of Americans being allowed to fund their angel investments from their retirement accounts?

Moran  Hadad
Israel-Cambodia Chamber of Commerce

The Israel-Cambodia Economic Ecosystem

Combine the world’s greatest innovation machine with a fertile land hungry for development and you have tremendous opportunities. Cambodia is rapidly developing, more stable than many believe and already sophisticated in terms of banking, communications and regulation.

Where else can you glean fascinating insights into the Israel-Cambodia relationship? Listen and learn about:

  • Israel’s program to train Cambodians in agricultural technology.
  • Cambodia’s currency stability and repatriation laws.
  • Why Cambodia is a launchpad for serving the ASEAN countries.
  • How to communicate with Cambodians linguistically, culturally and technologically.
  • The impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative on Cambodia.
  • The ease of creating businesses in Cambodia.
  • The Cambodian industries that are best positioned to embrace Israeli technologies.