Solution Nation – The Book, The Movement by David Wanetick

Solution Nation contains fascinating and rigorously researched profiles of 62 of Israel’s most promising companies. In addition to developing and commercializing cutting-edge technologies, all of the companies included in Solution Nation are dedicated to solving intractable challenges. Learn how the world’s most disadvantaged and destitute people stand to benefit from Israeli ingenuity. Readers are introduced to Israeli companies that are detecting cervical cancer and heart failure, preventing amputations and auto accidents, helping the blind see, enabling the paralyzed to stand, purifying water in the wake of natural disasters, taming starvation, and rescuing people from burning buildings.

Unique Research into Unicorns – David Wanetick

David Wanetick –  Solution Nation

Solution Nation (at least the trademarked version of it) was born when David Wanetick published his riveting and meticulously researched book, Solution Nation: One Nation is Disproportionately Responding to the World’s Most Intractable Problems.

The Solution Nation site is a unique platform for public and private Israeli companies to convey their stories to the worldwide investment community.